Night Owl Marketing Company Policies:

1. Services & Payment: Consultant agrees to complete services as outlined and on the schedule specified within the contract as pertaining to that specific company. Company agrees to remit payment for the agreed upon services in accordance with the terms laid out within their contract or per their invoices from Consultant.

2. Ownership: All marketing material, instruction, design, work and all other encompasses of these items outlined are the Consultants, and cannot be duplicated, used, copied, or re-taught by the Company without prior authorization from the Consultant. Night Owl Marketing does not allow for another consultant, designer, or any unauthorized entities to claim the work, use for a portfolio, alter the design or otherwise.

3. Cancellation: The Company may cancel with the Consultant with a 30 day written notice for month to month packages, but must pay any priorly accrued charges per the final invoice from Consultant. Cancellation of services does not dismiss the contract agreement in regards to item 2. The Consultant may also cancel the partnership with the Company for any breach in the contract agreement at any time, with a 30 day notice or upon completion of any outstanding projects.

4. Refund Policy: Night Owl Marketing does not authorize any refunds or reimbursements, for any reason. Upon cancellation/termination of a contract, no prior funds will be returned to the company.