Creative Writing in Marketing by Night Owl Marketing

Last week, I was walking down the sidewalk, when I came across an old building. Its orange bricks were painted and held a faded picture of someone drinking soda. Today alone, while I drove to a neighboring town, I saw a billboard with its last advertisement torn up to the point it was undistinguishable. It made me think: What if we didn’t have stories? That’s all any advertisement is—A story. When I imagine a world without billboards, posters, or even books, it becomes a desolate without these forms of culture.

1. Creative Writing teaches writers how to hook their readers. When paired with marketing, the writer can provide a highly creative approach to presenting a service, or business.

Today’s marketing combines forms of cultures, such as art, music, catchy words, and at times even religious undertones. All of these subjects have been criticized by society. Advertising is then the epitome of what our society now ridicules, because society today consumes massive amounts of information from those looking to market themselves.

2. Creative Writing teaches writers how to mix genres and forms. When paired with marketing, a creative writer can inform and engage their audience in interesting ways.

How then, do businesses engage their prospective cliental? The best answer I can offer, is for businesses to create a unique brand, image, and voice. To do this, you need someone skilled in creative marketing, as well as a creative writer. It is not enough to gain the attention of your audience. You have to maintain their attention. When it comes to marketing your business, creative a unique voice is vital.

3. When Creative Writing is paired with marketing, may offer a solution to businesses looking to make a mark when advertising themselves; a business may find their one of a kind voice, which will captivate its prospective cliental.